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$5 WSO, You Must be Joking?

Recently my Dad has been running some Warrior Special Offers, his most recent one being a joint offer with Dave Nicholson, the product in question was a product called Multi Profit Monthly which normally costs $47 per month for 12 Months.

So because I didn’t know a thing about WSO’s I assumed that would be how much he was selling it for on the special offer, then it occurred to me that it wouldn’t be much of a “special offer” if it was just the same price as the regular product. So I asked him how much Dave and himself would be making the 12 months of training available for and they said it would only cost $5, so whoever takes advantage of the offer will be receiving 12 months worth of training for the price of 7 days (I had to use a calculator for that part) :-)

By the way if you want to take a look at the WSO you can see it here.

I was confused why they were making the price so low so I asked, and I’m going to share the answer with you.

My Dad said that by making the price so low they will ultimately make more money on the backend, as more people are willing to spend a measly $5 than fork out nearly $50×12. So although you may make more money per sale for a $50 product, you will ultimately make more sales of the lower value product, which means you will have more people subscribing to your list and more people will see your up-sell and down-sell and that is where the real money is made.

Another plus side to having an up-sell in place is that affiliates will come on board if there is a chance for them to earn good money, and when there is an up-sell in place there is more chance they will help promote the frontend offer. There were some huge affiliates on board for this offer, Names you will probably recognize such as Mike Filsaime, Jim Cockrum, Michael Cheney, Omar Martin, Alex Jeffreys, Mike Steup, Dave Lovelace, Dan Sumner, Randy Smith, Tommy McLaughlin, Edson Buchanan, Richard Legg, Lee McIntyre, Marc Milburn amongst a few.

If you are interested in creating your own WSO but aren’t sure how, don’t worry my Dad is currently creating a product that can teach you everything you need to know about creating a successful Warrior Special Offer, the product is called “WSO Domination” and should be completed by the end of the month so keep a look out for it. I am currently helping him put everything together by working on getting the info Dad has created into a Keynote Presentation and I must say the info I have seen so far has been amazing.

I think this is my first post in which I’ve shared what I’ve learned simply by asking my Dad a question so hopefully I have passed a little bit of his Yoda like wisdom onto you, do with it what you will and remember, you can check out his amazing $5 WSO here.

Until Next Time,


Think Creating a Product is Easy? Think Again

I’ve finally realized how much hard work goes into creating a product.

The last couple of months in the office have been non stop hard work, preparing everything for the launch of my Dads latest product, Affiliate Promo Formula. Despite the severe weather we have been having recently in Britain and his car being stuck on the driveway, we have managed to get into the office and carry on working as usual.

I can honestly say I have never seen my Dad put so much hard work into a product and I have no doubt that this is going to be one of, if not the best product he has ever created. This is the first time I have been able to truly see what goes into creating a product and for any of you guys out there who think it is easy, think again. Weeks and weeks of toiling away in front of a computer and a video camera have gone into this awesome product.

Luckily my Dad has two wonderful slaves, oops I mean sons, to help him with stuff such as transcribing audios, creating keynotes and producing videos, Dad has even had Dave Nicholson in on the act who came over to the office and spent a total of at least 45 hours creating graphics for the product.

You’re probably by now wondering what the Affiliate Promo Formula is. Well, it is a complete guide to becoming a super affiliate. It is an eyeopening look at developing a formula for dominating JV leader boards and earning massive affiliate commissions.

I simply cannot stress enough how much time and effort has gone into this product to make it as good as it can possibly be, it is the most-complete affiliate training package out there and is perfect for experts and beginners alike. Even if you do not have a mailing list Dad has got that covered.

The Affiliate Promo Formula launches on the 14th of December and as long as you’re on one of Dad’s list you’ll be sure to hear about it.

Just in case you didn’t know, my Dad covers everything he knows about creating a product in his Masterclass Program and he actually created Affiliate Promo Formula right in front of his students eyes.

Until Next Time,


Apple Made a Huge Mistake!

Today I’m writing this blog post in the office on my brand new iMac, as you have probably guessed already my Dad and I are big fans of Apple products and considering we use computers everyday why not use an Apple computer. Its just a shame Apple don’t make tea kettles :)

Now Following on in my general theme of Apple based posts I’d like to share with you their latest revelation, which my Dad seems to think doesn’t fit with their normal marketing genius. Apple have announced launches of FOUR brand new products, yes that’s right FOUR. A new iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch and Apple TV all at the same time. Now your probably wondering why my Dad thinks this is a bad thing, maybe it’s because he was telling me this after he had been out for a drink and a curry with Lee McIntyre and Dave Nicholson and was slightly drunk :-)

Or maybe, just maybe he actually knows what he is talking about, but anyway he said, and I agree with him if I am honest, that Apple, and anyone for that matter, could make a lot more money by launching these products at separate times, for example if you are a bit of a connoisseur of technology you would most likely be interested in all of these releases. Therefore, if Apple first released the new iPod Shuffle (cheapest) and you bought it and then they released the new iPod Nano, a more expensive but considerably better iPod, the chances are you would be interested in purchasing one, unless that’s just me :) but you can see where I’m going with this, I know if had multiple good products I have just created I would want to launch them separately:

  1. Because the chances are I would make more money from separate launches.
  2. Because then people would see I have successfully created more than one product over a longer period of time.

So again, this is something else I have learned simply by observing how a big company goes about its business, so keep your eyes open as you never know what lessons you may may come across.

Until next time.


P.S. On a final note Apple are a mega huge company and they know what they are doing but I still feel they made a mistake with this one.