Today I’m writing this blog post in the office on my brand new iMac, as you have probably guessed already my Dad and I are big fans of Apple products and considering we use computers everyday why not use an Apple computer. Its just a shame Apple don’t make tea kettles :)

Now Following on in my general theme of Apple based posts I’d like to share with you their latest revelation, which my Dad seems to think doesn’t fit with their normal marketing genius. Apple have announced launches of FOUR brand new products, yes that’s right FOUR. A new iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch and Apple TV all at the same time. Now your probably wondering why my Dad thinks this is a bad thing, maybe it’s because he was telling me this after he had been out for a drink and a curry with Lee McIntyre and Dave Nicholson and was slightly drunk :-)

Or maybe, just maybe he actually knows what he is talking about, but anyway he said, and I agree with him if I am honest, that Apple, and anyone for that matter, could make a lot more money by launching these products at separate times, for example if you are a bit of a connoisseur of technology you would most likely be interested in all of these releases. Therefore, if Apple first released the new iPod Shuffle (cheapest) and you bought it and then they released the new iPod Nano, a more expensive but considerably better iPod, the chances are you would be interested in purchasing one, unless that’s just me :) but you can see where I’m going with this, I know if had multiple good products I have just created I would want to launch them separately:

  1. Because the chances are I would make more money from separate launches.
  2. Because then people would see I have successfully created more than one product over a longer period of time.

So again, this is something else I have learned simply by observing how a big company goes about its business, so keep your eyes open as you never know what lessons you may may come across.

Until next time.


P.S. On a final note Apple are a mega huge company and they know what they are doing but I still feel they made a mistake with this one.