My Blog Revamp

After seeing my Dad change his blog using the Flexibility3 theme I decided I wanted to bring mine up to date too.

Even though my blog is only just over a year old, in the fast changing world of the internet it already looked a bit outdated and run down. So I followed my Dad’s video and installed the new theme, got a new header graphic created by Steve at GFX-1 and tweaked some of the many settings than you can tweak to make the blog how I wanted it to be and I’m sure you’ll agree that its looking awesome.

The Flexibility3 theme is free to download and install and can instantly bring your blog up to date, the theme is constantly being updated by its creators so it is unlikely to become outdated any time soon so if you feel as if your blog could do with a bit of a spruce up, then this is definitely the theme to use.

So feel free to have a look around and tell me what you think, I still have a few things to change and add but it should be 100% done pretty soon.

This has been a quick post but I just wanted to let you guys know how to get a blog like mine and how I did it.

Here is the link to the theme again just in case: Flexibility3 Theme

Until Next Time


$5 WSO, You Must be Joking?

Recently my Dad has been running some Warrior Special Offers, his most recent one being a joint offer with Dave Nicholson, the product in question was a product called Multi Profit Monthly which normally costs $47 per month for 12 Months.

So because I didn’t know a thing about WSO’s I assumed that would be how much he was selling it for on the special offer, then it occurred to me that it wouldn’t be much of a “special offer” if it was just the same price as the regular product. So I asked him how much Dave and himself would be making the 12 months of training available for and they said it would only cost $5, so whoever takes advantage of the offer will be receiving 12 months worth of training for the price of 7 days (I had to use a calculator for that part) :-)

By the way if you want to take a look at the WSO you can see it here.

I was confused why they were making the price so low so I asked, and I’m going to share the answer with you.

My Dad said that by making the price so low they will ultimately make more money on the backend, as more people are willing to spend a measly $5 than fork out nearly $50×12. So although you may make more money per sale for a $50 product, you will ultimately make more sales of the lower value product, which means you will have more people subscribing to your list and more people will see your up-sell and down-sell and that is where the real money is made.

Another plus side to having an up-sell in place is that affiliates will come on board if there is a chance for them to earn good money, and when there is an up-sell in place there is more chance they will help promote the frontend offer. There were some huge affiliates on board for this offer, Names you will probably recognize such as Mike Filsaime, Jim Cockrum, Michael Cheney, Omar Martin, Alex Jeffreys, Mike Steup, Dave Lovelace, Dan Sumner, Randy Smith, Tommy McLaughlin, Edson Buchanan, Richard Legg, Lee McIntyre, Marc Milburn amongst a few.

If you are interested in creating your own WSO but aren’t sure how, don’t worry my Dad is currently creating a product that can teach you everything you need to know about creating a successful Warrior Special Offer, the product is called “WSO Domination” and should be completed by the end of the month so keep a look out for it. I am currently helping him put everything together by working on getting the info Dad has created into a Keynote Presentation and I must say the info I have seen so far has been amazing.

I think this is my first post in which I’ve shared what I’ve learned simply by asking my Dad a question so hopefully I have passed a little bit of his Yoda like wisdom onto you, do with it what you will and remember, you can check out his amazing $5 WSO here.

Until Next Time,


You Should be on Facebook!

Facebook is a website that was launched in February 2004 for social networking, on the site itself you create a personal profile and can then add your friends, family or work colleagues and “network.”

Facebook provides many ways for you to connect and share your experiences and whatever else you like with your friends etc, for example you can post messages to your own and your friends’ “wall” you can share photos and videos, you can chat using the internal instant messaging system, you can send private messages using the private inbox system, you can even play games with your friends and so Much more.

Creating a Facebook account couldn’t be simpler, just go to and sign up by entering the requested details.

You can then add a profile picture so your friends can recognize you when they are trying to add you. You can then start adding your friends and family by simply searching for there name in the search bar at the top of the page. Facebook will also suggest people you may know based on a number of factors and you can even find people by using your email address and cell phone contacts, Facebook makes it very easy to find people you know.

Facebook can be used for more than just keeping in touch with friends, it is also a very powerful business tool, purely because of the vast amounts of free traffic that is available. Facebook has over 500 Million active users so if you create a page for your business it could be seen by Millions of people, now I’m not saying that its definitely going to happen but the potential is there.

If you run a business and you have Facebook page for that business there is all sorts of actions you can take to promote your business to the masses and get your name out there. There are also tons of things you can do for existing customers who are visiting your Facebook page such as provide them with updates and special offers etc. The possibilities really are endless. So if you haven’t already created a page for your business and you would like to, then you can do so quickly, easily and not to mention free, Here.

Facebook is constantly becoming increasingly popular, so there has never been a better time to create an account, whether it is for your business or service or for yourself, now is the time to get yourself online and start networking.

Until Next Time,


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